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From Maryland: Just a quick note of "Thanks". You signed two of your "Pocket Sponsor" books me during CDA 's Serenity weekend...

From Scottsdale: I use the Pocket Sponsor with my patients at the treatment center. Here is a recent quote, from a letter written to the center by a patient...

Live Preview of the Pocket Sponsor

Note: The preview is taken from the eBook on Amazon. The paperback has the same content except for the colored illustrations.

Is Sam in trouble on her way to a meeting?

Have you ever been seduced by the atmosphere of a bar?

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Clean & Sober Concepts

  • Review from "Body, Mind, & Spirit" Magazine

    This little paperback became a big seller at Serenity by the Sea when author Shelly Marshalll (also author of Day By Day: Young, Sober, & Free, and other popular recovery books) held a book signing. Shelly designed this book to be read at the HALT moments. This exceptional support book also has a phone list for the number of your sponsor and others in your recovery circle. Whether you are new to recovery or have more program time, Pocket Sponsor is a wonderful book filled with words of inspiration and hope. It's a must for people in recovery.
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  • Additional Resources in Help for Alcoholics

    From Southern California: A young woman came to our meeting and said she found this great Sponsor App but was afraid to use it becasue she had gone out. She downloaded it anyway...

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  • World's Smallest Recovery Meditation Book

    This tiny book, 2" by 3" fits in the palm of your hand. Taken from the Original Pocket Sponsor, the Pocket Sponsor Thumbnail has 31 days of medtations, a place to write your number on the first page, and works as well or better than the welcome chip. Have your Chip Chic give out Thumbnails for 31 days of support for your new members. As low as 25 cents in batches of 100. You can also get a FREE SAMPLE.
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