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PocketSponsor App

Turn your Cell Phone into an Instant Pocket Sponsor

A Sponsor App that tracks sobriety, delivers recovery messages from the Oldtimers, shares those messages with your sponsor and friends, sends virtual chips, and saves your favorites all at the tap of an icon. An all-in-one clean and sober app for $2.99

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this app different from the paperback and digital book?

The App is the book. The content in the app is the same as the content in the paperback and digital book. The digital book contains some illustrations while the paperback and App do not.

The great thing about the app is that you carry the fellowship with you. Instead of looking up the day or time like is necessary in the book, you simply tap the app icon and your reading pops up.

2. Do I still need to get a sponsor if I have the Pocket Sponsor? After all, a sponsor is just "suggested" and not mandatory.

This app is intended to support you when you can't reach your sponsor and to provide moments of inspiration--it is not intended to replace your sponsor. It is not a good idea to try and work the 12 Step program without a sponsor. This app is supplemental and inspirational, not a replacement. In fact, we suggest you get one for your sponsor too!

3. If I buy the App, can I get a discount on the paperback book?

Yes you can. Place your order by phone and you will receive a one time 20% discount on any number of books up to 20. That's only $6.36 per book! Have your proof of purchase ready and call 888 447 1683

4. Whatever day I set as my start date, the reflection page opens at day nineteen at 2.00 pm. Please help.

The app does not have a "start" date per se but is designed to open for the day of the month and the current time. It opens at the current date and time so I figure you are trying to program this at 2 on the 19th. The "start" date you refer to is probably your sobriety date on the Profile page. This is designed to give you "chips" each time you pass a new marker in your recovery. For instance once you have 6 months, a 6 month chip will pop up. Once you have 3 years, your 3 year chip will appear on your profile page. You can then email mail your virtual chip to others or yourself if you like.

If you want to mark other pages you can save them in your favorites so you can get there at will or you can scroll through pages by flicking the edge of the page.

I hope this answered your question... feel free to call if you need to, Shelly 888 447 1683.