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BigBookBytes App

Turn Your Phone into Instant Sobriety Support

How to stay sober, meditations for alcoholics

Frequenty Asked Questions

1. How is this app different from our book Alcoholic's Anonymous?

This app is a series of excerpts from the Big Book organized under recovery topics and presented by the hour. The content in the app is the same as the content in the Big Book. There are 744 pasages for every hour of the day for 31 days. Find your favorites, save them and share them with your sponsor and your group.

Whenever you need a God-shot or help with a HALT moment, simply tap the icon and your message pops up.

2. Do I still need to get a Big Book if I have Big Book Bytes?

This app is intended to support you when you can't reach your sponsor instantly, on the go, and to provide moments of inspiration--it is not intended to replace your recovery literature. This app is supplemental and inspirational, not a replacement. In fact, we suggest you get one for your sponsor too!

3. How can you afford to give this away?

We are hoping to give the basic app away forever. Big Book Bytes basic includes, instant Sobriety Support, the Sobriety Tracker, and the Sponsor Connect function too. However, we do have some fantastic upgrade functions. With the upgrade you can unlock the search, share, bookmark, and save feature. We want newcomers and those on fixed incomes to have this all-in-one Big Book App for free--always. So help us: For a one-time contribution of $2.99 you can get the additional features and also help us continue to distribute Big Book Bytes to newcomers for free, forever.

4. Can I set my start date as my sober day?

The app does not have a "start" date per se but is designed to open for the day of the month and the current time. It is for the HALT moments as you go through your day. With this app you can carry the fellowhsip with you wherever you go. Just tap the icon and your special AA message appears.

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