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This book was written by the Old-timers. Meditation for every hour of the day!

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Sitting in Pictures is based on the HOPI tradition of creative visualizations.

Day By Day also offers the best book discounts in recovery. This month's featured book is SITTING N PICTURES, Vision Meditations for Addiction Recovery by People's of the Earth.

If your clients or sponsees aren't connecting to recovery literature, try this innovative book inspired by the Hopi's before you give up.

Visit the website: Sitting in Pictures

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Pay it forwardDay By Day, Hazeden's classic meditation book

For 40 years Hazelden's classic Day By Day has helped folks stay clan and sober. Now we bring you its successor, the Pocket Sponsor and we're giving your center one to celebrate

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The Pocket Sponsor App is here and you'l, , l love it! Helene says,   Life is moment by moment. Recovery is nurturing those moments found in this app!

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Pocket Sponsor Thumbnail. We took the originail Pocket Sponsor and compressed it into wallet size. This tiny booklet carries 31 days of recovery messages and is the world's smallest meditation book.

This month's featured book. Sitting in Pictures
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Day By Day publishes more than the Pocket Sponsor and one of our books is this recovery meditation based on the Hopi Tradition of Sitting in Pictures--you will love this anchestral approach to recovery.

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